Project MI is a collaborative that aims to eliminate mass incarceration by transforming the justice system and addressing racial injustice.

We empower our communities by:

Leading concerted and collaborative initiatives that seek to transform penal philosophy, connect impacted communities to lawmakers and invigorate informed participants in our democracy;

Inspiring local activism by training local leaders and communities in socio-political participation, activism, and community care;

Raising awareness about the many issues negatively impacted by a pro-incarceration penal system.

We aspire to a local and national criminal justice landscape where all human beings receive just and fair treatment under the law.

Project MI Tenets

Solidarity—we are one human family, whatever our cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, economic & ideological differences.

Respect and human dignity—of incarcerated persons, ourselves and one another.

The right, and responsibility, to use social and political activism to empower and improve our communities.

Peaceful, coordinated and collaborative problem solving and methods of resistance.

Use of well-researched and credible supporting data in spreading mass incarceration awareness.