With education at the center of Project MI’s activities, the below programs and resources are collectively known as the MI Institute.

MI Justice League

Socio-political activism and education are inextricably intertwined!   In support of our tenet toward solidarity, the Justice League promotes community building through collective organizing, support, and education.

Project MI invites anyone to learn more about the impact of mass incarceration and effective community advocacy.   Justice League members meet once a month for education, training, and brainstorming local social and political engagement.

For our next MI Justice League training date and coverage, click here.

MI Policy & Research Group

Project MI leads and supports several initiatives that seek to bridge the information gap between citizens and lawmakers. With the assistance of legislators, advocacy groups, and experts, U of M law students work with community organizers and other MI members to produce legislation and policy projects that advance the group’s mission of ending mass incarceration.

MI Academic

The MI Institute includes a team of professors and consultants from various departments such as Law, Education, Criminal Justice, Public Health, and Economics, that examine issues impacting mass incarceration using a multi-disciplinary approach. This academic team fulfills data and other academic research needs that support Project MI’s legislative and policy undertakings, campaigns and other initiatives.


MI Resource

Our wonderful resource librarian, Jan Stone, has compiled a vast collection of excellent articles, reports and other materials to assist our group in our various initiatives!

For a wealth of resources on mass incarceration and related topics, click here.