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Administrative Team

Demetria Frank, Executive Coordinatore-mail button

Noor Obaji, Research Coordinatore-mail button

Jan Stone, Resource Coordinatore-mail button


Professional & Outreach Team

Amy Campbell , Public Health Professional Liaisone-mail button

Corbin Carpenter, Legal Professional Liaisone-mail button

Amelia Cortez, Narrative Committee Chaire-mail button

Deja Foster, Economic Professional Liaison & Youth Summit Committee Co-Chaire-mail button

Jaques Hamilton, Community Outreach Coordinator & Youth Advocacy Co-Chaire-mail button

Bridget Bowman Riley, Prisoner Outreach Coordinator e-mail button

Brittany Williams, Youth Summit Committee Co-Chaire-mail button



University of Memphis Institute for Health Law & Policy

STAND for Children Memphis

…and more to come!