Youth Advocacy Program Orientation & Training Tonight at 6pm

Those interested in participating in our “Free MI Kids” Youth Advocacy Program (YAP) should plan to attend tonight’s Justice League Training on Monday, September 18, at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Public Library (3030 Poplar Ave) at 6pm where members will be prepared for time with Project STAND students at G.W. Carver High School. All potential group mentors, discussion leaders, and other participants should attend.

The goal of the YAP Training Session is to prepare MI members for group interaction with youth aged 16-18 who have had contact with the justice system. After orientation, training will cover the following topics: how to be a good mentor and engaging opportunity youth.

YAP’s goal is to resource and mentor Carver opportunity youth in a way that recognizes individual youth potential, while providing tools to become better self-advocates. We will also assist youth in goal setting, developing positive self-identity, and communicating social priorities to policy makers. Through our discussions and activities, we additionally aim to gather youth perspectives on education, the youth justice system, and social progress.

MI Weekly

Upcoming Events

This week’s Project MI meetings, events and other organization programs related to mass incarceration:

Thursday, 9/14–FREE Continuing Legal Education Course:  “Money Bail in Shelby County: The Breakdown”

The Breakdown CLE will be open to the public on September 14, 2017 from 3-5pm at the University of Memphis School of Law Wade Auditorium (1 N. Front Street).  The event is hosted by the National Bar Association’s Ben F. Jones Chapter, Black Lives Matter Memphis, Just City, Law 4 Black Lives, and Project MI.  Full flyer for the event, here.

Monday, 9/18–Youth Advocacy Program Training (Carver High School Initiative)

Those interested in participating in any part of our Carver High School  Youth Advocacy Program, including serving as mentors, should plan to attend our Justice League Training on Monday, September 18, at the Benjamin Hooks Public Library at 6pm. At the training, members will be prepared for time with Carver students by learning how to be an effective mentor, cultural competence, and other important topics.

Friday, 9/29–Youth Advocacy Program Networking Meet & Greet Kickoff

The official launch of our Youth Advocacy Program in partnership with Carver High School is September 29, 2017 from 2:15-3:15pm! We will hold a Networking Meet and Greet at Carver High School where members will have the opportunity to get to know some of the young men in our program.  Those that wish to participate must also attend our Carver Training on Monday, 9/18, above.

We are hoping for as many Project MI members as possible in attendance to make a strong showing of support to these young men, so please attend if you can!




Carver High School Partnership

Project MI is excited to announce that our Youth Advocacy Committee will be working in partnership with Carver Alternative High School this Fall! If you are interested in mentoring, or providing instruction or other resources to our students, please drop your name and information in the comments or email Each of our students have had contact with the Shelby County juvenile justice court–some of them with pending cases–our goal is to resource and support our students in ways that help avoid future contact with the criminal justice system.
We will serve 26-30 young men and are most interested in providing instruction, mentorship and discussions in the following areas: leadership, justice system, advocacy/self-advocacy, public speaking, social responsibility, financial and economic literacy, democracy/activism, and self governance. Our subject areas are flexible but will largely be guided by student input and need.
We are also researching possibilities for community projects (no clean-up please) and student workshops–please drop a comment with any suggestions.
Thanks to my Youth Advocacy Committee Co-Chair, Jaques Hamilton, for making the Carver partnership happen! With your support, we CAN assist our young men in becoming leaders of the future!

“Free MI Kids” Campaign Kickoff!

At this month’s Meet-Up, we launch our “Free MI Kids” Campaign, and celebrate our willingness to come together as citizens to save our youth from the justice system and school-to-prison pipeline. We are excited about the opportunity to network with our supporters, and very pleased to announce our initial partnership with the University of Memphis’ Institute for Health Law and Policy (IHLP)!   Along with IHLP, Project MI looks forward to providing research and learning opportunities to U of M students through collaborative projects that will examine policy impacting over-incarcerated communities and the kids that live in them.


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