Project MI gets so much AMAZING content by our AWESOME Facebook group members, We want to begin sharing the week in review with our members everywhere!

One FB user posted a great CBS News article titled, Unequal Justice Under the Law,” which ponders the question of Does our criminal justice system truly guarantee JUSTICE FOR ALL? 

The State of Arkansas announced that it will be privatizing several Youth Centers.  More on this later…

This LA Times article revealed the sticker price on housing inmates in California costs more than a Harvard education (?!?!)–and prompted this blogpost.

The Bureau of Prisons is moving in the right direction, finally requiring that federal facilities provide free tampons to female inmates (thank you Senator Kamala Harris)!  As noted in the article, “[t]he policy reform will only apply to the 12,600 women in federal prisons, however, and not to inmates in state prisons or jails.”

This week, it was all about Charlottesville, of course.  Several members posted videos of vigils and other events protesting and/or memorializing the Charlottesville events.  One member posted an interesting visual plotting overt and covert White Supremacy, and I hope you caught our Blog Posts on Racism, White Supremacy & Mass Incarceration and Vigilance in the Face of Hate.

Also, don’t miss this heart touching NPR snippet As A Boy In An Adult Prison, His Mother’s Letters ‘Were Everything’.

Finally, don’t forget about our upcoming Monday, August 21st MI Institute-Justice League Meeting at the Benjamin J. Hooks Public Library.

Have a great weekend MI, be vigilant!


Written by demefrank

mother, womanist, law prof, prison abolitionist. Demetria does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from the viewpoints expressed in this article or post.

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